Access to shight seeing spots

We inform the access to various sightseeing spots from KIRAKU inn.

East, West ,North, South! Near,Far!Flexible traffic access by 3 trafic line

East, West ,North, South! Near,Far!Flexible traffic access by Keihan, Hankyu, Tozai, line & Sanjyo staion Bus terminal.

※To see the Route map, click here.

4駅アクセス 詳英語
※The required time is the total of the walking time to the nearest station and the boarding time.

Flexible traffic access by 4 stations: Keihan line「Sanjyo」「Gionshijyo」sta.Tozai line「Sanjyokeihan」sta(8min walk)Hankyu line「Kawaramachi」sta.(10min walk)

  • Keihan line「Gionsijyo」sta.→Tofukuji temple sta.(5min)→Fushimiinari sta.(9 min)→Kyobashi sta.(42min)
  • Keihan line「Gionsijyo」sta.→Chujyojima sta.(24min)→Uji sta.(15 min)
  • Keihan line「Gionsijyo」sta.→Tanbabashi sta.(9min)Kintetsutanbabashi→Yamatosaidaiji sta.(35 min)→Kintetsunara(5min)
  • Keihan line「Sanjyo」sta.→Demachiyanagi sta.(Shimogamo shrine)(4min)
  • Hankyu line「Kawaramachi」sta.→Katsura sta.(11min)→Arashiyama sta.(8min)
  • Hankyu line「Kawaramachi」sta.→Umeda sta.(44min)
  • Tozai line「Sanjyokeihan」sta.→Nijyo castle sta.(6min)

Bus network by Bus stop「Chioninmae」(2min walk)&「Sanjyo Bus terminal」(7 min walk)

  • 「Chioninmae」→#203 「Ginkakujimichi」(17min)→#102「KInakakujimichi」(26min)
  • 「Chioinmae」→#46 「Okazakikoen・Heianjingumae」(9min)
  • 「Sanjyobusterminal」→To Kinkakuji temple、Ryoanji temple、Ohra
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