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We would like to inform you about Kiraku inn.

Our inn is located in a quiet antique art district along the Shirakawa River.And Kyoto’s representative tourist attractions are within walking distance. Covers Kyoto from north, south, east and west the nearest three subway and bus routes. It is a comfortable inn that has been renovated inside while retaining the atmosphere of a Kyomachiya.


Our mascot cat “Tama” of the inn. He is a male cat born on April 22, 2012 and he welcome you .

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Location/Center of Kyoto
”Okoshiyasu”Welcome to Shijo Kawaramachi

It is a 10-minute walk to “Shijo Kawaramachi”, the most downtown area in Kyoto. Go a little further and head to “Nishiki Market, Shijo Karasuma”. In addition, “Yasaka Shrine” and “Gion Hanamachi”, which are rich in Kyoto atmosphere, are just around the corner. The inn is located in the very central zone of Kyoto, surrounded by many sightseeing spots that represent Kyoto.




“Hankyu Kawaramachi Station” Kawaramachi Station Food Hall, Takashimaya, “Keihan Shijo Station” Minamiza




The ground of “Sanjo Keihan Station” is Sanjo Ohashi. Kyoto Gion Kazuki in front of “Gion Bus Stop”. Yasaka Shrine.

Free access to Kyoto from north, south, east and west at the nearest 5 stations

  • “Sanjo Station”//Keihan Line::8 min walk (588m) .
  • “Gion-Shijo Station”//Keihan Kine:: 8 minutes walk (629m).
  • “Sanjo Keihan Station”//Tozai Line::8 minutes walk (601m).
  • “Higashiyama Station”//Tozai Line::8 minutes walk (584m) .
  • “Kawaramachi Station” //Hankyu Line:: 10 minutes walk (786m) .

2 minutes walk from the nearest bus stop “Chion-in Mae”. //
In Kyoto, bus routes that are laid out in the city support customers.


The gate of Chion-in, one of the largest in Japan

  • “Chion-in-mae”// 2 minutes walk (162m).
  • “Gion”1/ 4 minutes walk (307m)
  • ” Sanjo Keihan Bus Terminal “7 minutes walk (549m)
  • Kyoto Bus “Kawaramachi Sanjo” 9 min. (737m)

Please enter Zip code “605-0064″ when searching for a location on Google or Yahoo maps.

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Information on access routes from Kyoto Station” .

It takes about 21 min. by subway and 25 min. by bus.

Bus route from “Kyoto Station” / 25 minutes required.

From Kyoto Station Central Exit City Bus Stop.

  • # 206 route ➡ Boarding time 23minutes
  • Get off at the 11th bus stop “Chion-in-mae” .
  • Walk 2 minutes
  • In addition to the # 206 system, take the express # 100. 4 minutes walk from the 10th bus stop “Gion”.




Kyoto Tower side, City Bus D2 platform, Kiyomizu-dera / Gion via Kitaoji Bus Terminal, # 206 Bus.

Subway route from “Kyoto Station”
Karasuma➡ Hankyu Line route 23 minutes
Karasuma ➡ Tozai Line route 21 minutes. .

<Karasuma・Hankyu Line route// 23 min.>
Transfer to Karasuma Line at” Shijo Station // Boarding time 6 minutes, Transfer 10 minutes, Walk 10 minutes.>

  • Take the Karasuma Line to “Kokusaikaikan”. 2 stations.3min.Transfer to the Hankyu Line from “Shijo Station” 10min.
  • 1 station on the Hankyu line.3min.Walk from Kawaramachi Station.10min.

<Karasuma / Tozai Line Route // Time required 21 min.>
Transfer to Tozai Line at” Karasuma Oike Station // Boarding time 8 minutes, Transfer 5 minutes, 8 minutes walk>

  • Take the Karasuma Line to “Kokusaikaikan”. 3 stations.5 min.Transfer to the Tozai Line from “Karasuma Oike Station”.5min.
  • 2 stations on the Tozai line.3min.Walk from Sanjo Keihan Station.8 min.


From Kiraku inn to Kyoto sightseeing spot.

Bus access suggestions /

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  • “From bus stop “ Chion-in mae”
  • Kiyomizu-michi / Kiyomizu Temple (6 minutes)”Sanjusangendo” (13 minutes) “Karasuma Imadegawa / Kyoto Imperial Palace” (19 minutes)
  • From Higashiyama ➡ “Nanzenji Road / Nanzenji” (16 minutes) “Ginkakuji Road / Ginkakuji” 23 minutes “Kyoto Univers.





Subway access suggestions //
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  • “Gion-Shijo Station” 5 stations / 9 minutes ➡ “Fushimi Inari”
  • “Sanjo Keihan Station” 3 stations 6 minutes ➡ “Nijojo-mae station”
  • “Sanjo Keihan Station” 2 stations 4 minutes ➡ “Karasuma Oike” ➡ 2 stations 3 minutes “Imadegawa Station” / Kyoto Imperial Palace.
  • Hankyu Line “Kawaramachi Station” Limited Express 4 Station 9 minutes ➡ “Katsura Station”.
    Arashiyama Line3 stations 8 minutes ➡ “Arashiyama station”
  • “Gion-Shijo Station” Limited express 3 stations 12 minutes ➡ “Nakashojima station” transfer 5 minutes.
    Uji Line / 7 stations 15 minutes
    “Keihan Uji Station”





Kyoto emotion /Experience Kyoto by freely walking around Gion and Higashiyama, which are the representative sightseeing spots in Kyoto.





八坂神社/石塀小路花灯籠/八坂の塔/清水寺まで1.8km 徒歩23分

Gion, Pontocho, Kamogawa area with a rich Kyoto atmosphere.

  • Shirakawa, Tatsuhashi, and Gion neighborhoods where kimono and yukata look great
  • Eat Kyoto ingredients at the lively Nishiki Market





Location / Located in a corner of the Kyoto antique art district surrounded by the babbling of the quiet Shirakawa.

A corner of the antique art district, which is famous for the location of TV dramas, with many galleries from ukiyo-e to ceramics. A quiet cityscape with the Shirakawa River, a famous place for cherry blossoms. The quiet murmuring of Shirakawa heals the tiredness of work during the trip. It is a peaceful inn where customers who are tired of work or sightseeing can take a rest.





Convenient facility /“About convenient shops in neighborhood.

A delicious morning set coffee shop that is open from 7 am, a public bath that is open until 12 pm, a 24-hour supermarket and a convenience store are conveniently located within a 2- to 5-minute walk.






  • Convenience store / 100 yen Lawson: 3 minutes on foot, Lawson: 4 minutes on foot, 7-Eleven: 5 minutes walk.
  • Supermarket / Fresco: 5 minutes walk.
  • Breakfast / Yamamoto Cafe / 2 minutes walk Open from 7:30 in the morning. Closed on Tuesdays.
  • Public bath / Atarashi-yu: 2 minutes on foot

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Renovation/“Renovating the interior while retaining the exterior of the Kyomachiya!

Kyomachiya, a traditional house in Kyoto. Our inn has been renovated into a comfortable space while retaining the exterior of the townhouse.









Check-in/“Check-in information and luggage storage.

  • Check-in hours are from 3pm to 9pm.
  • Please contact us in advance if you wish to check in after 9pm.
  • You can check in your luggage before check-in and check-in from 8:30 am to 11 am.
  • The staff is absent from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. Please be careful.
  • Check-out is until 10am. There is no procedure for check-out.
  • Please contact the staff to store your luggage after check-out.

【Adress】605-0064(zip code)
251 Umenoto-cho Higashiyama-ku Kyoto-city

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