Information of Kyoto station


Information inside Kyoto Station.

A brief note about Kyoto Station. I hope it will be of some help in making your travel plan.

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Positional relationship of each facility at Kyoto Station .

Composition of Kyoto Station //
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  • Kyoto Station is divided into two areas across the conventional line: the “Central Ticket Gate” on the north side of Karasuma and the “Hachijo Ticket Gate” on the south side.
  • The two areas are connected by the “2nd floor north-south connecting passage” on the west side and the “underground north-south connecting passage” on the east side.
  • The subway “Karasuma Line” is adjacent to the “underground passage” on the east side.


The main facilities in the “Central ticket gate” zone on the Karasuma side area.


underground store facilities「CUBE」

  • City bus / JR highway bus stop.
  • There are “CUBE” and “PORTA” as underground store facilities.

Main facilities in the “Hachijoguchi” zone

  • 1st floor south side: Kansai International Airport bus boarding / highway bus boarding
  • 1st floor: Store facilities: Asty Road
  • 2nd floor: Shinkansen platform, Kintetsu line platform.

Connection route to “City Bus Station”, “Limited Express Haruka”, and “Karasuma Line”

Route to “City Bus Station” // From the “Shinkansen” and “Karasuma Line” ticket gates.

  • From the Shinkansen “West tichet gate” ➡Take the north-south connecting passage on the west side of the 2nd floor toward the “Central Exit” ➡ Go down to the 1st floor and go to the city bus stop.
  • From the subway “Karasuma Line ticket gate” Go straight through the underground passageway to the central exit ➡ Go to the ground floor around “CUBE” ➡ To the city bus stop.

“Limited Express Haruka” bound for Kansai International Airport is the 30th stop on the conventional line.






Route // Shinkansen Central Exit ➡ North-South Free Passage ➡ Kyoto Tower Side City Bus Stop ➡ Kiraku inn Line D1D2 Stop

Connection route to the subway “Karasuma Line” // From the Shinkansen, Kansai limousine bus, highway bus stop.

  • From the Shinkansen “East gate” ➡ Take the underground passageway toward Karasuma side ➡ Go to the Karasuma Line ticket gate.

Central gate side is “city bus stop” & Hachijo gate side is “Kansai airport limousine bus” stop

Information on city bus “Kiraku inn line D bus stop”

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 D2 platform forKiraku inn width”=

Kiraku inn direction D2 platform

  • The bus stop to Kiraku inn is the D1 or D2 stop on the east side D stop.
  • From the D2 platform, take the Higashiyama-dori via “Sanjusangendo / Kiyomizu-dera” toward “Kitaoji Bus Terminal”.
  • Please do not board the D3 platform as it will be in the opposite direction.
  • Take line 206 and get off at the “Chion-in-mae” bus stop, which is a 2-minute walk.
  • From the D1 platform, take line 100 and get off at the “Gion” bus stop, which is a 4-minute walk.


Hachijoguchi Bus Stop //
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The “Tokyo Midnight Express Kyoto” and “Kansai Airport Limousine Bus” depart from the Keihan Building “H2″ platform.

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“Hachijoguchi” Kansai International Airport / Highway Bus Information Center //Keihan Hotel 1st floor (next to Avanti)


  • Departure information bulletin board / waiting corner.
  • Bus Information Center.
  • Convenience store in the information center.
  • Ticket vending machine.





Information Center / Store / Omiage (Souvenir )Corner Memo.

“City Bus Ticket Center / Information Center”

First of all, from securing a one-day unlimited ride ticket and city bus route map.

  • The City Bus Ticket Center is near the City Bus D platform.
  • The one-day all-you-can-ride ticket costs 600 yen for city buses only. 1200 yen for both subway.
  • You don’t have to use it on the day, so it’s convenient to bring it with the city bus map.

information Center.

  • There is a JR information center at the central exit on the 1st floor.
  • There is a general tourist information center adjacent to the “North-South Free Passage” on the 2nd floor.
  • In the basement on the east side, there are “North-South connecting passage”, “Karasuma line ticket gate” and “JR line ticket gate”.
  • There are various facilities such as “CUBE” and “PORTA” in the underground mall.

Positional relationship of Omiage shops.

  • ①1st floor central exit passage // Omiagekoji “Kyokomachi”
  • ②West Central Exit / North-South Free Passage // JR Kyoto Isetan
  • ③④2F North-South Free Passage // “Omiage Kaido” “Kyoto Famous Confectionery / Kyoto Restaurant Kyo”
  • ⑤⑥Hachijoguchi side // “Harves Kyoto Meikan”
  • ⑦In the Shinkansen concourse // Grand Kiosk.
  • Underground store facility // “PORTA” “CUBE”






“JR Isetan” “Omiage Kaido” ” Kyosai-dokoro Kyo”/ Shinkansen Concourse / Grand Kiosk “

京バーム おたべ

Popular NO1 Kyo Balm Otabe

  • “Kyoto Isetan”/(am 10:30~pm 20:00)
  • “Omiage Kaido” Kyoto West Exit /(am 7:30~pm 22:00
  • “Kyoto Famous Confectionery / Kyoto Restaurant Kyo” (am 8:30~pm 21:00)
  • Harves Kyoto Meikan / (am 9:00~pm 21:00)

    Popular products of “Omiage Kaido”

    京フランス 普門庵jpg


    いちはなだって 九条ねぎとえびのおこげはん


    “Fumon-an / Kyoto France” Nishio Yatsuhashi / Annama “Ichihana Datte / Kujo Green Onion and Ebi no Okogehan” Otabe / Black Thunder “

    Products in the underground food section of JR Isetan.

    満月 阿闍梨餅

    マールブランシェ 茶の菓

    祇園辻利 祇園の里  jpg

    蜜香屋 茶けんび

    Mangetsu / Mangetsu Mochi “Mar Blanche / Tea Confectionery” Gion Tsujiri / Gion no Sato “” Mitsukaya / Tea Kenbi ”


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