Area information/Kyoto Gion area walk Information

Kyoto Gion area walk Information.

A brief guide to the Yasaka Shrine, Shirakawa, and Gion areas where our inn is located. Please refer to the surrounding area for a walk.


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Antique art area./Looking for a favorite & gallery appreciation.

The area around our inn, Shinmonzen, and Furumonzen street is an antique area. It is a area where shops dealing with various antique art such as calligraphy, ukiyo-e, and tea ware are lined up. Various galleries such as ukiyo-e and Japanese paintings are also open, so if you are interested in Japanese antiquities, please stand by.

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Yasaka Shrine / Chion-in temple//Gion Festival and Joya no Kane( the bells of New Year’s Eve)

Yasaka Shrine /Yasaka Shrine is the god who has the power to disperse the plague.

Yasaka Shrine, which is familiar at the Gion Matsuri, a spiritual society for the extinction of plague. It is popular as “Gion-san” and has the second largest number of visitors in Japan after Fushimi Inari.Although it is a shrine that protects against evil, it is a power spot for various effects such as “matchmaking” and “beauty water”, including Mr. Ebisu, who is prosperous in business.




Chionin temple/Japan’s three major three gates and the bell of the night

Height 24 meters, width 50 meters Japan’s largest national treasure wooden gate “Sanmon” and the important cultural property bell are 3.3 meters high, 2.8 meters in diameter, and weigh about 70 Tons. It is known as a large bell along with Kyoto Hokoji Temple and Nara Todaiji Temple. The joya no kane on New Year’s Eve, when this big bell rings, is famous.

Kyoto Gion /An area where you can experience the atmosphere of Kyoto.

Tatsumi Myojin, Shirakawa, Tatsumihashi/A popular tourist spot where the kimono looks like a picture.

From Tatsumi Myojin, Shirakawa, and Tatsumihashi, the route that suits you best to take a walk in kimono is to Hanamikoji Gion. This is a place often used for TV locations, and is a shooting spot where tourists in kimono take commemorative photos. Shirakawa, where the herons are, is a famous place for cherry blossoms.





Gion, Kenninji Temple, Ebisu Shrine /Hanamikoji-dori, which has a rich Kyoto atmosphere.

The Hanamikoji area where you can feel the atmosphere of Kyoto. While looking at the fashionable shops, head to the Gion Corner where Maiko dances and tea and flower arrangement demonstrations are held. Kenninji Temple in Kyoto Gozan is the first .


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Kamogawa / Kiyamachi /The stage of Japanese history. Kyoto Kamogawa / Kiyamachi area.

The birthplace of Kabuki, Minamiza. Enjoy eating while cooling in the breeze of the Kamo River on the riverbed. A fun chat in Kyoto in Kiyamachi.




Kawaramachi / Nishiki Market / Kyoto stores are concentrated in Kawaramachi, Kyoto’s kitchen.

The largest downtown area in Kyoto, centered on Hankyu Kawaramachi and Takashimaya, followed by Pontocho, Kiyamachi, Shinkyogoku, and Teramachi.

Nishiki Market /Kyoto Kitchen

Starting from Nishiki Tenmangu Shrine, it is 670m to Takakura Dori. For pickles in Kyoto. From side dishes such as omelet rolls. Chirimen sansho for souvenirs, various types of tsukudani, takoyaki, etc. The shops are lined up in a narrow space. How about eating and walking?





Uoriki/Hamono tempura,Kai/octopus egg,Torisei/crispy chicken ,Mikikeiran/
/Omelet roll

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