Useful information(About shops in the neighborhood )

It is a map of the neighborhood of the inn.

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Super .Convenience store

In addition to convenience stores, there is a supermarket with a wide selection of vegetables and fruits near the inn.

  • The 24-hour “¥ 100 Lawson” that sells lunch boxes, vegetables, juice, etc. is a 3-minute walk.
  • The 24-hour supermarket (Fresco) is a 5-minute walk.
  • Convenience stores include Lawson (3 minutes on foot), 7-Eleven, and FamilyMart.




CAEF /Meal
Yamamoto CAFE, which is popular for its delicious coffee. 2-minute walk.Open from 7:30 in the morning.

  • Yamamoto CAFE is popular for its “grilled egg” morning set. From 7:30. Closed on Tuesdays.
  • The Kobe Bologna Gion store, where Danish pastry is located all over Japan, is a 3-minute walk.
  • There are popular shops such as “Kissho Confectionery” in front of Chion-in and “Arrow Tree Kyoto Sanjo” in front of Sanjo Station.




Yamamoto CAFE / Bologna/ Arrow Tree


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Popular dining places and standard menus

How about Kyoto-style okonomiyaki snacks and aged dumplings?

  • Marushin Hanten: A Chinese restaurant with a reputation for deliciousness in Kyoto. Aged dumplings are famous. Line up at meal time.
  • A specialty of Kyoto Gion. The originator of okonomiyaki, “Issen Yoshoku”.
  • Kyoto-style Negiyaki made from Kyoto ingredients: “Dongri ” has a rich menu.
  • Gion “Okaru”, famous for curry udon. Udon restaurant “Gonbei”, which is well known to tourists.
  • For those who want to eat easily, how about a wide variety of set meals? There are 24-hour set meal restourtant “Machikadoya” and “Ootoya” near “Sanjo” station.





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Why don’t you heal the tiredness of your travel in a public bath?

Information on nearby public baths.

After sightseeing , you can heal your tiredness with a public bath.

  • A 2-minute walk to the new hot spring with a whirlpool bath, medicated bath, electric bath and sauna, and a 4-minute walk to Kyoto Municipal Baths.
  • There are two coin laundry locations. Next to 100 Yen Lawson and next to a 24-hour supermarket.




Information on car / motorcycle coin parking.

There are several coin parking lots near the inn, a 1-2 minute walk away. There is also a large motorcycle in front of the station.

  • If there is a maximum charge on the day, it will be ¥ 1000 to ¥ 1400 (approximately night charge: 1400 yen).
  • Parking with no maximum on the day is ¥ 200 for 60 minutes (8:00 to 24:00), and ¥ 200 for 120 minutes (24:00 to 8:00) at midnight.
  • Motorcycle parking lot is ¥ 800 for 8 hours and ¥ 1400 for large motorcycles.

There are several coin parking lots near the inn, about 1 to 2 minutes on foot. There is also a large motorcycle in front of the station.

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