Access to popular sight-seeing spot & Osaka,Nara

The following site is useful for each access

1. There are so many sight seeing spot around KIRKU INN.

So many sightseeng spots are around our inn!!!!

Walking route from KIRAKU INN

① From Gionshinbashi (3 minutes on foot)to Hanamikoji(5 minutes on foot)
② The symbol of Gion:Yasaka-shrine(5minutes on foot),Maruyama-park,Kodaiji-temple
Yasaka-pagoda and Kiyomizu temple(23 minutes on foot)
③ Chioinin temple.(7 minutes on foot)Heian-jingu shrine,Nanzenji temple(21 minutes on
④ Kamo-river(10minutes on foot) ,Pontocho,Kiyamachi(11minutes on foot).Kawaramachi

2. As it’s located in center of Kyoto, you can go every fantastic area easily.

① Bus stop 「Chioninmae」(2 minutes on foot)
Kiyomizu-temple(to Shimizumichi.13minutes)
,Ginkakuji-temple(Ginkakujimichi 21minutes),
Sanjyusangendo(Sanjyusangendomae 21 minutes )
Heianjingu-shrine (Heianjingu mae 12minutes )
.Alternative route: Bus stop「 Sanjyo keihanmae」→Bound for Kinkakuji『金閣寺』 Bound for Ohara『大原』
② Subway 「Gion Shijo」(8 minutes on foot.)
Tofukuji-temple(local:5 minutes)
Fushimiinarishrine(local:9 minutes)
③ Subway 「Sanjyo」(8 minutes on foot)
Shimogamo-shrine(to Demachiyangi stn.Limited Express 3minutes)
④ Tozai line 「Higashiyama」(7 minutes on foot)
Nanzenji-temple ( Keage stn.2minutes )
Daigo(Daigo stn. 16 minutes)
⑤ Tozai line 「SanjyoKeihan」(8 minutes on foot)
Nijyo castle( NIjyojyomae stn 6 minutes)
⑥ Hankyu Line 「Kawaramachi」10 minutes on foot.
Arashiyama (21minutes translate from Katura stn.)

※To see the Route map, click here.

3. It’s best location to access to Osaka and Nara!!

For Osaka
① Keihan line「Gionshijyo」→「Kyobashi」stn.( 54min.
② Hankyu line「Kawaramachi」 →「Umeda」stn. ( 53min.

For Nara
① Keihan line「Gionshijyo」→「Tanbabashi」stn.:transfer kintetu line
( 「Kintetu Nara」51min.

4. It takes about 10 min to go down town.(main street in Kyoto)

These are so many restaurant in ThesouthGion, Pontocho, Kiyamachi, Kawaramachi Teramachi and Sanjyo area.
There are many Japanese souvenir shops.Especially, you can find used Kimono, cloths, Japanese lamps.3 100yen shops in Teramachi.

Kyoto Higashiyama walking course

To see the Waling map, click here.

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