Kiyamizudera→ FUSHIMIINARI

The most popular tourist attractions in Kyoto, Higashiyama area from Kiyomizudera to Fushimi Inari are areas with many sights. Each sightseeing spot has its way of walking, bus, bicycle, Keihan line and various means of transportation and enjoyment. First of all, on foot to Kiyomizudera Temple, you can enjoy many sightseeing places such as Yasaka Shrine, Stone Fence Alley, Kodaiji Temple, Yasaka Tower, Years Slope, Ningyin Saka etc. And you get on the bus from the nearest station Chinoshininmae, and get off at Kiyomizuzaka and walk to Kiyomizu temple on foot. There is also a method of using Keihan Train and a course by bicycle in “Fushimi Inari”shirine.

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