Feel Kyoto by walking freely /Kyoto Higashiyama walk memo


Kyoto Higashiyama
walking course.

The area around Kiraku inn is full of sightseeing and walking spots that represent Kyoto. We will inform you about sightseeing spots in the Higashiyama area.


Kiyomizu temple

Feel Kyoto by walking freely.


From Yasaka shrine
to Kiyomizu temple//

20 min. walk.
★ The most popular walking path in Kyoto.

♣Walking course / 5 minutes walk to Yasaka Shrine.

Yasaka shrine, Nene no Michi(path), Kodaiji Temple, Nineizaka, ⇉ Yasaka pagoda, Koshindo temple⇉ Sanneizaka⇉ Kiyomizu Temple

  • Yasaka Shrine at Gion Festival.
    ↳ The main shrine is a national treasure
  • Maruyama Park, a famous place for cherry blossoms.
    ↳Spring is full of cherry blossom viewing.
  • Popular Nene no Michi(path)
    ↳ Yasaka pagoda, rickshaw, cherry blossom trees are the best spots.



ねねの道 195135

Yasaka Shrine / Maruyama Park: Weeping Sakura / Popular Nene no Michi ”

The evening view of Yasaka Tower is a symbol of Kyoto modeling.

♣Walking course / Yasaka pagoda, Koshindo temple, Sanneizaka, ⇉ Kiyomizu temple

  • Yasaka pagoda
    ↳The elegant appearance against the backdrop of the evening scenery is a symbol of Kyoto Gion.
  • Yasaka Koshindo
    ↳“Kukuri Monkey. Put the desire in a bag and tie it togther. “





“Yasaka pagoda / Yasaka Koshindo: Kukuri Monkey / Kiyomizu Temple.

“Higashiyama Walk freely on the map.”

♣Walking course

  • From Yasaka Shrine to Kiyomizu-dera // Kiyomizu-dera is a 22-minute walk, 1.8km.
    ↳ Nene no Michi, Nineizaka, Sanneizaka, ⇉ Kiyomizudera
  • 18 minutes walk from Shirakawa to Heian Shrine.
    ↳15 minutes walk from Kiraku inn to Niomon along Shirakawa ⇉ Heian Jingu.
  • Philosophy path
    ↳ 27 minutes walk from Nanzenji Temple to Ginkakuji Temple, 2.2km.
    ↳ From Nanzenji Temple to Eikando. Enter the path of philosophy, from Otoyo Shrine, Honen-in Temple to⇉ Ginkakuji Temple

♣Access to Nanzenji Temple by subway or bus.

By subway/16 min.

  • ↳ Take the Tozai Line 1 sta. from Higashiyama sta.(8min. walk).
  • Get off at Keage sta. and 8min.walk.

By bus/20min.

  • ↳ Take the # 5 bus (8 min ride.) from Higashiyama Sanjo City Bus. stop.
  • Get off at Nanzenji Temple bus stop. 8 min walk.

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Shirakawwa,Okazaki, Nanzenji,
♣Walking Course
Shirakawa, Okazaki, Heian Jingu,⇉ Nanzenji temple.
  • From Shirakawa Ajari Bridge, Niomon-dori, Okazaki Hydrophobic, ⇉ Heian Jingu, 17 min. walk
  • From Okazaki Hydrophobic (Niomon-dori) to Nanzenji Temple. 11 min. walk..




“Shirakawa cherry blossoms, Okazaki cherry blossom trees, Heian Jingu.

Walk the “Path of Philosophy”


  • Nanzenji Temple with beautiful young green maple leaves.
  • Otoyo Shrine of a guardian mouse that is not a guardian dog.
  • Honenin temple is quietly standing in the Higashiyama mountain range.




“Otoyo Shrine’s Guardian Mouse, Honenin Temple, Nanzenji, Ginkakuji

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Walk in Gion //
Gion Hanamikoji where the atmosphere of Kyoto is alive.

Tatsumibashi, Gion, Kenninji Temple, Yasui Konpiragu.

♣Walking course “Tatsumibashi, Kenninji Temple,⇉ Yasui Konpiragu Shrine 12 min. walk.

  • Shirakawa, Tatsuhashi// A famous commemorative photo spot.
  • Gion Kagai that appears in Kyoto TV dramas
  • Rinzai sect Kenninji, a Zen temple in the five mountains of Kyoto. Known for the national treasure “Wind diety” “Thunder diety”,painting and ceiling dragon painting
  • Yasui Konpiragu(12min. walk) // The diety helping you cut-off evil relationships, and create good ones.




“Tatsumi Myojin, Tatsumi Bridge, Kenninji Dry Garden, Yasui Konpira:”

“Map by walking in Gion /
Shijo Kawaramachi .”

♣Walking course / Kamo river, Shijo Kawaramachi, Shinkyogoku, Teramachi, ⇉ Nishiki Market.

  • Gion area
    ↳ Tatsumi Myojin, Tatsumi Bridge / 3 minutes walk: Gion, Kenninji Temple,⇉ Yasui Konpira / 12 min. walk ⇉ Yasaka pagoda.
  • Kamo-river / Nishiki Market
    ↳ Kamo-river, Kiyamachi / 8 min. walk: Shijokawaramachi, Shinkyogoku, Teramachi,⇉ Nishiki Market 15 min. walk

Shijo Kawaramachi, Kiyamachi, Shinkyogoku, Teramachi neighborhood //

Live in the middle of the fashionable city of Kyoto
“Showa Retro “

♣Walking course “Kamo-river, Kiyamachi, Shijo Kawaramachi, Shinkyogoku Teramachi, ⇉ Nishiki Market.

“In a narrow alley” Drinking and chatting with sake // Pontocho, Kiyamachi, Shinkyogoku, Teramachi.
  • Kiyamachi // There are many cheap bars in the narrow alleys along the Takase river.
  • Kyoto is a student town.You are excited to talk with the student staff.
  • Shinkyogoku / Teramachi // While fashionable stores are appearing one after another, it is an area where nostalgic “Showa retro” is alive.




“Pontocho, Kiyamachi Takasegawa, Teramachi “

Kyoto kitchen//Nishiki market

The street about 500m from Teramachi-dori to Takakura-dori is Nishiki Market called “Kitchen in Kyoto.” There are many ingredients such as Kyoto’s specialty pickles and chirimen sansho in the narrow streets.





“Hamo Tempura, Octopus egg, Rolled omelette”

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