Information on train access from Kiraku inn


Information on train routes from Kiraku inn.

Great support for 3 major subway lines in Kyoto. For reference when making a sightseeing schedule plan.

About the nearest subway / /Information on Keihan Line, Tozai Line, and Hankyu Line.

From Kiraku inn, it is the nearest boarding station to Kyoto’s three main lines.

  • Keihan Line ➡ “Sanjo Station” (8 min. walk / 652m) & “Gion-Shijo Station” (7 min.walk / 631m)
  • Tozai Line ➡ “Higashiyama Station” (7 min.walk / 576m) & “Sanjo Keihan Station” (7 min.walk / 601m)
  • Hankyu Line ➡ “Kawaramachi Station” (9 min. walk / 774m)

About the nearest bus stop / The nearest bus stop from our inn is “Chion-in Mae” (2 min.walk) “Sanjo Keihan Bus Terminal” (7 min. walk)

The nearest bus stops from our inn are “Chion-in Mae” (2 min. walk / 162m) and “Sanjo Keihan Bus Terminal” (7 min. / 536m). In addition, there is a direction from “Higashiyama” to Nanzenji Temple, and a bus stop from “Sanjo Kawaramachi” to Ohara.

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Information on transportation routes for the three main routes.


Sightseeing spot access information from “Keihan Line”, “Tozai Line”, and “Hankyu Line”.

※ The time required thereafter is the total of the time from our inn to the boarding station and the boarding time at the destination station.

From Keihan Line /From “Sanjo Station” (8 min. walk) “Gion Shijo Station” (7 min. walk).

Tofukuji Station / 12 min,
Fushimi Inari Station / 15 min.

  • Tofukuji: Normal, semi-express 3 stations from Gion-Shijo station. Boarding time 5 min. The fee is 160 yen.
  • Fushimi-Inari: Normal, semi-express 5 stations from Gion-Shijo station. Boarding time 8 min.. The fee is 210 yen.
  • Shimogamo Shrine: 1 limited express train from Sanjo Station. Boarding time 3 min. Charge 220 yen.
  • Uji Byodo-in: At “Chushojima” station, transfer to Keihan Uji line at 5 stations to “Keihan Uji”.





Shimogamo Shrine / Tofukuji Temple: Karesansui Garden / Fushimi Inari / Uji Byodoin /

From the Tozai Line /From “Sanjo Keihan Station” (7 min. walk) “Higashiyama Station” (7 min. walk)

Nijojo-mae Station / 13 min.,
Kyoto Imperial Palace (Imadegawa Station) / 23 min.

  • Nijojo Station: 3 stations on the Tozai Line from Sanjo Keihan Station. 6 min.. The fee is 220 yen.
  • Imadegawa Station: 2 stations / 4 min. walk on the Tozai Line from Sanjo Keihan Station, transfer to the Karasuma Line at “Karasuma Oike” station (transfer time 9 min.) 2 stations / 3 min..

From the Hankyu Line / From the boarding station “Kawaramachi Station” (10 min. walk).

Arashiyama Station / 29 min,

  • Arashiyama Station: 2 limited express stations on the Hankyu line from “Kawaramachi station” on the Hankyu line. Boarding time 7 min. Transfer to the Arashiyama Line at “Katsura” station. Transfer time 5 min. Boarding 3 stations 7 minutes.
    The fee is 230 yen.





Information on transfer routes for “Karasuma Oike” and “Demachiyanagi”.sta.

Kyoto imperial place / Transfer from “Sanjo Keihan” on the Tozai Line to “Karasuma Oike Station” ➡ To the Karasuma Line.

Imadegawa Sta./ 22 min., Kyoto Sta. / 19 min., Kokusaikaikan Sta. / 32 min.

From “Sanjo Keihan Station” Tozai Line 2 stations / 3 min. “Karasuma Oike Station” ➡ Karasuma Line transfer / 8 min.

  • Karasuma Line➡2 stations 4 minutes “Imadegawa Station”.
  • Karasuma Line➡3 stations 5 minutes “Kyoto Station”.
  • Karasuma Line➡3 stations 5 minutes “Kyoto Station”.

“Kurama”"Kifune” / From “Sanjo Station” on the Keihan Line, take the limited express 1 station 3 minutes to “Demachiyanagi Station” Eizan Electric Railway ➡ “Kifune” “Kurama”.




Kurama Onsen(Hot spring) / Kurama Tengu / Kibune River /

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