Information on the bus network from Kiraku inn


Information on the Kyoto city bus network from Kiraku inn.

A bus network that stretches like a mesh in Kyoto city.
The most convenient way to get around in Kyoto is transportation.
Please make full use of it.

First of all, from getting a one-day unlimited ride ticket.


  • They are sold at Kyoto Station and the Municipal Subway Information Center.
  • You can buy it on the bus or at the subway ticket vending machine,
    There is no city bus map, so at the information center
    Let’s get a map while purchasing.

The nearest bus stop from Kiraku inn is “Chion-in-mae”, ( 2-minute walk /166m.), And “Sanjo Keihan “, “Higashiyama Sanjo”, “Gion”, and “Sanjo Kawaramachi” 4 bus stops are very convenient.


  • “Chion-in Mae”: bus stop ➡ For Kiyomizu Temple, Kyoto Station, Ginkakuji Temple, Kyoto Imperial Palace, Kyoto University.
  • “Sanjo Bus Terminal” ➡ 6 minutes walk / 534m. ➡ For Nijo Castle, Kinkakuji Temple, and Ryoanji Temple.
  • “Higashiyama Sanjo”: 8 minutes / 649m. ➡ For Nanzenji and Ginkakuji.
  • “Sanjo Kawaramachi”: 9 minutes / 793m. ➡ To Ohara.

We will guide you to the city sightseeing spots and routes from each bus stop.

“Kiyomizumichi” 8 min. “Sanjusangendo” 15 min.

The “Chion-in-mae” bus stop(2 min. walk) and a 6-min. ride to “Kiyomizumichi”. 13 min. to Sanjusangendo.



  • “Chion-in Mae” ➡ 6 minutes “Higashiyama Yasui”
  • “Chion-in Mae”➡”Higashiyama Yasui” / Yasui Konpiragu ➡8 min. “KIyomizumichi”
  • “Chion-in Mae”➡”Higashiyama Yasui”➡”KIyomizumichi”➡15 min. “Sanjusangendo”.
  • “Chion-in Mae”➡”KIyomizumichi”➡15 min. “Sanjusangendo”.➡28 min. “Kyoto sta.”

“Nanzenji michi” 16 min. “Ginkakuji michi” 23 min.

“Higashiyama Sanjo” bus stop (8min walk) ➡ 8 minutes ride on “Nanzenji michi”. ➡15 minutes to “Ginkakuji-michi”.


“Charm”Okazaki shrine

  • “Chioninmae” #203➡11 min.”Okazakijinja “shrine.
  • “Chioninmae”#203➡11 min.”Okazakijinja “shrine.➡22 min.”Ginkakuji michi”
  • “Chioninmae” #46➡8 min. “Okazakikoen Roam theater Kyoto”
  • “Higashiyamasanjyo” #5➡16 min. “Nanzenjimichi”
  • “Higashiyamasanjyo” #5➡16 min “Nanzenjimichi”➡23 min.”Ginkakuji michi”





Yasui Konpira Bad Marriage, Good Marriage Shrine, Okazaki Shrine Koma Usagi, Konkai Komyoji Afro Daibutsu, Otoyo Shrine Koma Mouse.

“Kyodai Seimon Mae” 11 min. “Karasuma Imadegawa” (Kyoto Imperial Palace) 21 min.

2 minutes walk to the “Chion-in Mae” ( 2 min. walk)➡ 9 min. ride time “Kyodaiseimonmae” in front of the main gate of Kyoto University. ➡19 min. to “Karasuma Imadegawa”. (Kyoto Imperial Palace) .

👀👍◇Reference ◇From our inn to Imadegawa sta. in addition to the bus route, you can reach “Imadegawa Station” in 12 min. from “Sanjo Keihan” station on the Tozai line, including the transfer to Karasuma Oike sta.

From “Sanjo Keihan” to Kinkakuji “Sanjo Kawaramachi” to Ohara.

  • “Sanjo Bus Terminal”.(6 min.walk) # 59 system ➡ Boarding time / 35 min. ➡ Go to Kinkakuji Temple.
  • The Kyoto bus “Kawaramachi Sanjo” (9 min walk)/ bus stop. # 17 system ➡ Boarding time / 47 min. ➡ To Ohara.

The above required time is the time from our inn to the getting-off bus stop at the target area.


Information on circulation bus transfer plan.

“Nanzenji “,” Ginkakuji”,” Kinkakuji”,
& Kyoto Imperial Palace Route.

From the “Higashiyama Sanjo” bus stop, take the # 5 system to “Nanzenji” and “Ginkakuji”. From “Ginkakuji-michi”, take line # 203 and go straight on Imadegawa-dori st.. After passing Shimogamo Shrine, change to # 59 at “Karasuma Imadegawa” to Kinkakuji Temple. How about visiting the Kyoto Imperial Palace at Karasuma Imadegawa to adjust the time?

  • “Higashiyama Sanjo ”➡ 23 min.“ Ginkakuji ”
  • “Ginkakuji” # 203 system ➡ 13 minutes “Karasuma Imadegawa” / “Kyoto Imperial Palace” # 59 system ➡ 19 minutes “Kinkakujimichi”

“Nijo Castle “,” Kyoto Imperial Palace”,
” Kinkakuji” ” Ryoanji”temple Route

From the “Sanjo Keihan Mae” bus stop, take the 12th bus to “Nijo Castle”. Stop at Seimei Shrine on the way to “Kinkakuji” and “Ryoanji”. From Ryoanji Temple, take the # 59 line to the Kyoto Imperial Palace.

  • “Sanjo Keihan Mae” # 12 system ➡ 16 min. “Nijo Castle Mae”
  • “Nijo Castle” # 12 system ➡ 21 min. “Kinkakuji Road”

    👀👍◇ Reference ◇ From the inn to Nijo Castle, in addition to the bus route, you will arrive at “Nijo Castle” in 6 minutes from “Sanjo Keihan” station on the Tozai line

“Kiyomizu”,” Sanjusangendo”,” Toji” temple route

Take # 206 from Chion-in Mae After walking around Kiyomizu-dera, take the “Shimizuzaka” bus stop to “Sanjusangendo”.

  • “Seishui” # 206 system ➡ 7 minutes “Sanjusangendo-mae”
  • From the bus stop in front of Sanjusangendo, move to the “Higashiyama Nanajo” bus stop in about 1 minute on foot.
  • “Higashiyama Shichijo” # 202 system ➡ 19 minutes “Toji Minamimon-mae”






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