The park with cats

Let’s you introduce about cats in the Maruyama park.


There is more than 30 cats roughly in Maruyama park 4 minutes on foot from our inn.
Maruyama Park is a site of about 8ten thousand m², and the park is known as one of the most famous cherry blossoms in Kyoto
And the park is adjacent to Yasaka Shrine in the west and Chinenin temple east.
It slightly elevated from Shijyo-dori st.and in the basement there is a large parking lot that exceeds the coldness of winter.There are various cats such as kittens and charming cats, black cats, and Calico cats etc….
Although it is stray cats, it seems to be managed regularly by volunteers, such as sterilization surgery. If you like cats, please come and meet the charming cats at Maruyama Park when you come to Higashiyama in Kyoto.


Many trees at Maruyama Park protect the cats.

  • Maruyama park has plenty of trees. That is the good living space of the cats, as the playground,habitat.

公園2 300

公園3 300


  • Cats on the ventilation opening.
  • Is the ventilation opening warm? Cats gather.


  • Calico kitten living in a ventilation opening.


    • A male cat with somewhere droll face. Personality is very quiet.


    • This male cat is most friendly.


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