Higashiyama waliking course

The Most popular sight seeing aria in kyoto.The walking course from Yasaka Shrine to Kiyomizudera temple is the most popular sight-seeing course. Distance from our inn to Kiyomizu-dera Temple is about approximately 1.8km ,23 mins walk. Waling Higashioji street direction to Yasakashrine, you can visit Maruyama park , Kodaiji, Ninenzaka and Sannen zaka, and Kiyomizu temple.It would be better to take many photos in front of Yasaka tower. Five-storied pagoda in Toji temple is symbol of male , on the other hand , Yasaka pagpda is symbol of famale.On the way, famouse temple,kimono-shops and many souvenia
japanese goods shops.

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東山散策 英語

There are plenty of attractive sightseeing spots on the walk course of Kiyomizu Temple from Yasaka Shrine !!!!

Walking route from KIRAKU INN

①Yasaka sgrine・ Maruyama park(About 5 minute’s walk from KIRAKU inn)
② Isibeikoji・Neneno michi・Kodaiji temple(About 6 minute’s walk from Yasaka shrine)
③ Ninenzaka・Sannezaka(About 5 minute’s walk from Nenenomichi)
④ Yasaka pagoda
⑤ And Kiyomizutemple .(About 5 minute’s walk from Sannenaka)
On the way there are many meals such as food, miscellaneous goods, souvenir shop etc.

First of all, start from Yasaka Shrine, the a symbol of Gion.

Yasaka Shrine is a symbole of Gion. It is famous 「the Gion Festival」the festival that represents Kyoto. It is crowded with many tourists every day.It is in the central location of the Higashiyama walking area.And many gods are worshiped besides Susanoo of the main god,the god of prosperous business, Ebisu. God of marriage, Okuninusi, Inari and so on.
Recently kimono-shaped tourists are conspicuous. It seems that strolling in Kimono at Yasaka Shrine is becoming a standard staple of tourism.
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やさか 195

えん 195


The road of Nene with a beautiful white wall from Yasaka shrine.

From Shimogawara street to the Ishibeikoji street. Surrounded by stone pavement and board fence, the trail makes you feel the emotions of Kyoto.
After passing through the Ishibekoji, it is the Sanmendaikokutenn three -sided Daikokuten with a powerful interest
Kodaiji on a beautiful white fence. Beyond the rickshaw there is a view of the tower at Yasaka. A comfortable landscape spreads.
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ねね 195 01

ネネノミチ 02

ねね 195 02

Ninenzaka and Sannezaka eria.

Location atmosphere is radically changed. It is lined with a variety of shops on both sides of the cobbled streets. Souvenir goods shops and traditional Japanese sweet restaurants enjoy a stroll.
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yasaka 04

ninennzaka 002

yasaka 03

Kannon of Kiyomizu-temple (the goddess of mercyis) welcoming gently all the people.

It is welcoming gate of the Deva Kings and a three-story pagoda. And you can enjoy the Kyoto city view on the Kiyomizu Stage over a cliff. Stage feel of wood, Clear sound of the temple bell, and Green and incense fragrance wrap around the entire temple.
Affection of Kannon (the goddess of mercy) is handed down through the five human senses.
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kiyomizu 003


Feminine feeling Yasaka pagoda is the symbol of Gion.

From Kiyomizu temple to Yasaka street. Yasaka pagoda visible from a narrow alley in the background Higashiyama is the symbol of Gion. And to Yasui konpira shrine.This shrine is known to kill the evil and bring you good match. Return is Hanamikoji walks.
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yasaka 01

やすい 195 01

やすい 195 02

ギオン 01

ギオン 03

ギオン 02

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