Morning walk course

Morning walk course.

Yasaka Shrine, Maruyama Park, Chion-in Temple Breathe in the fresh morning air and stroll around Kyoto’s sights


Breathe in the fresh morning air and stroll around Kyoto’s sights.

Walk around Maruyama Park and Chion-in Temple from Yasaka Shrine

Stroll: about 30 minutes

  • Go through the cherry blossom gate of Yasaka Shrine to the main hall of a national treasure.
  • Maruyama Park from the north gate of Yasaka Shrine.
  • Chorakukan in the park, while looking at the statue of Ryoma Sakamoto
  • Garden stroll.
  • From Maruyama Park, go through the big three gates to the main hall.
  • Have breakfast while watching the famous big bell on New Year’s Eve.

Yasaka Shrine//Yasaka Shrine, which appears in the Gion Festival, is a power spot where various gods are enshrined.

The main shrine, which is visited by many people, is a national treasure of the Heian architectural style.

Main shrine national treasure

There are various gods enshrined here, such as Ebisu Shrine, which wards off sickness, Ebisu-san of Yasaka, who is a prosperous business, matchmaking, and water for beauty.

Main shrine

Epidemic disappear

Thriving business



Beauty water

Stage//Various dance events are held in the dance hall next to the main hall.

Bugaku dedication

Gion Festival

Setsubun party

Setsubun party

Maruyama Park, famous for its cherry blossoms.

The garden is a Japanese style garden with a pond designed by the gardener Jihei Ogawa.

Chorakukan//A state guest house built in 1919 by Kichibei Murai, a businessman known as the “King of Tobacco.


Statues of Ryoma Sakamoto and Shintaro Nakaoka

Chion-in Temple // The head temple of the Jodo sect of Buddhism. Protected by the Tokugawa family.

Together with Nijo Castle, it is a large fortress that monitors and defends the Kyoto Imperial Palace and Saigoku Daimyo.

With a height of 24m, a width of 50m, and about 70,000 roof tiles, it is the largest existing wooden structure. A panoramic view of Kyoto city from above.

The bell is 3.3 meters high, 2.8 meters in diameter, and weighs about 70 tons. A large bell on par with Hokoji Temple in Kyoto and Todaiji Temple in Nara.Famous for New Year’s bells. A side road leads to Shogunzuka on the summit of Higashiyama.

Steep stairs that make it impossible to run up at once

The sound of sutra chanting at the Miedo in the early morning.

Morning time after a walk.

We recommend Yamamoto Cafe, which is popular for its coffee near the Chionin-mae bus stop.

Open from 7:00 in the morning

Closed on Tuesdays