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Yasaka shrine:4 min walking

Symbol of Gion: Yasaka Shrine is crowded with tourists all over the world every day.

To see the Yasaka shrineclick here.

Yasaka Shrine is a symbole of Gion. It is famous 「the Gion Festival」the festival that represents Kyoto. It is crowded with many tourists every day.It is in the central location of the Higashiyama walking area, and it crosses the southern gate and leads to Kodaiji Temple, Yasaka Tower, Kiyomizu Temple and to the west to the Maruyama Park, Chion-in, Heian Shrine, Nanzenji, Kennenji and Gion are nearby. Yasaka Shrine is the best walking base.
やさか 600×500
Yasaka Shrine 4 minutes on foot from our inn .The vermilion gate symbolizes Hikikawa Gion and it is shining beautifully in the blue sky. Shijyo Street is the best location for shooting memories of overseas tourists traveling in Kimono, beautifully painted in the blue sky from the Shima-dori



The approach road to shrine is crowded with stalls such as takoyaki and yakitori as you pass through the west gate where a brilliant guardian dog overlooking Shijyo street.

猫 300×200 

yatai 300 200

The cat was drinking water deliciously in the Chozuya (Water Ablution Pavilion)


えびすさん 300×200

Many gods are worshiped like a god theme park.
First of all, the god of sick healing, the Eki Shrine, the god of the journey Ota shrine, followed by the god of prosperous business, Ebisu. God of marriage, Mr. Okuninusi, Mr. Inari, of course the main god of Sosanow and many god etc.
It covers most of the wish.



Before shrine plants, lined with love written oracle,white rabbit and red snapperand.
たいおみくじ 600

Recently Men and women of the couple, kimono-shaped tourists are conspicuous. they take pictures of my own kimono in here and there of the Shrine. It seems that strolling in Kimono at Yasaka Shrine is becoming a standard staple of tourism.


着物 300×200

着物 600×500


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