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Our inn is located in a quiet antique art district along the Shirakawa stream.
And Kyoto’s representative tourist attractions are within walking distance.
Cover all over Kyoto with with three subway and bus routes.
It is a comfortable inn that has been renovated inside
while retaining the atmosphere of a Kyoto-machiya.


Our mascot cat “Tama”. He is a male cat born on April , 2012 and he welcome you .

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Welcome to
“Center of Kyoto”

Kyoto Gion Festival “Yamahoko Junko”

“”Karasuma, Kawaramachi, Gion” city map.





Yasaka Shrine: 5 min. / Minamiza / 8 min.: Nishiki Market / 12 min.


Lightly access in Kyoto from 5 subway stations & bus stops.

👀Reference:Access from Kyoto Station.👉Go - Web Button

Subway, Bus //Line& Nearest sta.

  • 【 Keihan Line/ “Sanjo sta.” Gion-Shijo sta. “】 8 min.walk..
  • 【Tozai Line /”Sanjo Keihan sta.” “Higashiyama sta.”】 8 min. walk.
  • 【 Hankyu Line /” Kawaramachi sta. “】10 min. walk.
  • 【 City Bus /”Chion-in Mae”】 2 min walk.


From Kyoto sta. to our inn.
Subway &Bus route

Information on two subway routes.

♣From “Kyoto Station” Karasuma Line / Tozai Line connecting route.⇉ 21 min. (8 min. ride)

  • Kyoto Station “Karasuma Line ride / 3 sta. 5 min.⇉” Karasuma Oike sta. / Tozai Line transfer: 5 min. “
    ↳Tozai Line ride / 2 sta. 3 min.⇉Sanjo Keihan sta. 8 min. walk from the sta. ▶ Time required: 21 min.

♣From “Kyoto Station” Karasuma Line / Hankyu Line connecting route.⇉ 21 min. (8 min. ride)

  • Kyoto Station “Karasuma Line ride / 2 sta. 3 min.⇉” Shijyo sta./Karasuma sta. Hankyu Line transfer: 6 min. “
    ↳Hankyui Line ride / 1 sta. 2 min.⇉Kawaramchi sta. 10 min. walk from the sta. ▶ Time required: 21 min.

Bus route//2min. walk from「Chioinmae 」stop.

♣25 min.(23 min ride.)
from the “city bus stop” at the central exit of Kyoto Station .

  • D2 bus stop// Take【#206 via Kiyomizudera for Kiatoji bus terminal】route.
    ↳23 min. ride, 11th bus stop⇉2 min. Walk from “Chioninmae” bus stop.

👀”# 206 route via Senbon Dori ” is reverse circulation!
Please do not take “Via Senbon Dori route” !.




Kyoto Tower side, # 206route,D2 platform, via Kiyomizu-dera / Gion .

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Access to tourist spots //

👀Reference :Access to Kyoto sightseeing spots. 👉Go - Web Button

Access information from the nearest subway / bus stop

“Keihan Line” that runs through Kyoto from north to south, connecting east and west
“Tozai Line” & “Hankyu Line” to freely explore the whole of Kyoto


By subway//

From “Gion-Shijo sta., Sanjo sta.” along the Keihan Line.

  • “Gion-Shijo sta.” ⇉ “Shichijo sta. (Sanjusangendo)> Tofukuji sta.> Fushimi-Inari sta. / 8 min. ride”
  • “Gion-Shijo sta. ⇉ Keihan Uji sta.: 36 min. (27 min. ride)”.
    ※ Transfer to the Uji Line at Chijyojima sta. on a limited express train.
  • “Sanjo sta.” ⇉ “Demachiyanagi sta. (Shimogammo Shrine) / Limited Express 3 min..


From “Sanjo Keihan sta., Higashiyama sta.” along the Tozai Line
& Hankyu Line / Kawaramachi sta.

  • “Higashiyama sta.” ⇉ “Keage sta. (Nanzenji) 3 min.”
  • “Sanjo Keihan sta.” ⇉ “Nijojo-mae sta.>
    ↳ Karasuma Oike sta.> Imadegawa sta. (Kyoto Imperial Palace) 13 min. / 8 min. ride”
  • “Kawaramachi sta.” ⇉; “Arashiyama sta.” 22 minutes / 17 min. Ride.
    ※ Transfer to the Arashiyama Line at Katsura Station by limited express.

From a nearby bus stop // “Chion-in mae / Higashiyama Sanjo / Sanjo Keihan / Kawaramachi Sanjo “


  • “Chion-in mae”⇉ “Kiyomizu-michi (Kiyomizu-dera) 6 min. ride
    ↳ Sanjusangendo> Kyoto sta. / 23 min. ride”
  • “Higashiyama Sanjo” ⇉ Nanzenji Temple> Ginkakuji Road (15 min. ride) ”
  • “Sanjo Keihan mae” ⇉ “Kinkakuji michi (35 min. ride)”
  • “Kawaramachi Sanjo” ⇉ ” For Ohara “(48 minutes ride)

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Kyoto atmosphere/
The most popular walking path in Kyoto.

Yasaka Shrine Nene no Michi / Yasaka Tower / Kiyomizu Temple.

ねねの道 195120



Gion, Pontocho, Kamogawa area with a rich Kyoto atmosphere.

  • Shirakawa, Tatsuhashi, and Gion neighborhoods where kimono and yukata look great
  • Eat Kyoto ingredients at the lively Nishiki Market




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Location /
Located in a corner of the Kyoto antique art district.

A corner of the antique art district, which is famous for the location of TV dramas. A quiet cityscape with the Shirakawa River, a famous place for cherry blossoms.




Convenient facility /“About convenient shops in neighborhood.

👀Reference:Convenient facilities in your neighborhood👉Go - Web Button

A delicious morning set coffee shop that is open from 7 am, a public bath that is open until 12 pm, a 24-hour supermarket and a convenience store are conveniently located within a 2- to 5-minute walk.




Super fresco: Open 24 hours / Yamamoto CAFE: Breakfast egg sandwich / Public bath: Shinyu

  • Convenience store / 100 yen Lawson: 3 minutes on foot, Lawson: 4 minutes on foot, 7-Eleven: 5 minutes walk.
  • Supermarket / Fresco: 5 minutes walk.
  • Breakfast / Yamamoto Cafe / 2 minutes walk Open from 7:30 in the morning. Closed on Tuesdays.
  • Public bath / Atarashi-yu: 2 minutes on foot

👀Related information:
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Renovation of Kyoto Machiya.

Kyoto’s traditional building, Kyomachiya.
The interior has been renovated into a comfortable space while retaining the exterior of the Kyomachiya.










Check-in/“Check-in information and luggage storage.

  • Check-in hours are from 3pm to 9pm.
  • Please contact us in advance if you wish to check in after 9pm.
  • We accept your luggage before check-in in the morning from 8:30 to 11:00.
  • The staff is absent from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. Please be careful.
  • Check-out is until 10am. There is no procedure for check-out.
  • Please contact the staff to store your luggage after check-out.

【Adress】605-0064(zip code)
251 Umenoto-cho Higashiyama-ku Kyoto-city

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